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The Unique and Exclusive Advertising Opportunity of Sponsorship offers unique, well-priced, custom-designed and targeted coastal California advertising options that reach your customer during the all important trip-planning stages. This passionate, California beaches site is one of the most visited web destinations by prospective California beach visitors.

It offers advertisers, through exclusive sponsorships, the opportunity to increase their business in a sector of California tourism that is strong and growing.

Reach Visitors Before They Travel

There are many offline ways to advertise your hotel, vacation rental, restaurant, or tourism- or beach-related services. The most common route remains placing ads in the numerous free, glossy magazines and brochures that visitors all pick up after arriving. But that's not when you want to catch them: by the time your ad is seen, they have already made their decision regarding accommodations, rental car, and "must-eat-at" restaurants.

At the same time, businesses tend to buy ads in the major newspapers of more influential markets to see their name in the spotlight -- but that's expensive and it misses the reality of how people plan trips today.

They use the web. Compare targeted online California beaches advertising with this offline ad example...

Real estate developments have been known to pay $20,000+ to reach high net worth individuals in top-tier media for a one-time exposure to a semi-targeted audience ("the affluent," who may be more interested in the latest Bentley, or in real estate in California, and not necessarily a beach vacation).

When it comes to reaching travelers who are thinking of coming to California's coastal regions, newspapers and magazines are not only transient and semi-targeted, but also limited geographically and in circulation. And while a PR piece may give a short-term boost, the awareness it generates does not necessarily stand the test of time. 

The largest disadvantage, though, of offline "pre-trip" print media, is that it is not timely. It reaches your audience at a time when most are likely not considering a vacation. On the web, your California Coastal advertising reaches a highly targeted audience specifically when they are searching for California beach-related information about your sector, whether that be hotels, vacation rentals, restaurants or services.

The right website has the power to reach those highly-targeted customers, and more of them, 24x7 -- all year long. It takes persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure by a trusted authority who shares the passion to deliver the results that your advertising dollars have long sought. That trusted authority is

Why Advertise With

The California beach visitor is typically web-savvy and coming from almost anywhere in the world, although a large number of tourists to come from neighboring states such as Arizona, Oregon and Nevada, as well as Canada (particularly in the winter months). attracts mid-to-high-end travelers who are either new to California or who are repeat visitors. Its reach is globally distributed, extending your market penetration into Canada, South America, the Asia-Pacific region and across Europe.

Given the number of offline travel books specifically about California, nearly every prospective California visitor uses the web and finds Our site "patiently" awaits their visit, ready to reach your future customer when she or he does pre-trip web research, whether it's in December or June -- and whether they're planning a winter or Spring escape, or a summer vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Join our growing group of advertisers and see your market exposure -- and your sales -- grow. Contact us today for further details:

Paula Johns Communications, Inc., Site Owner:, +1.760.487.1799

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