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Top California Beaches

From hidden coves to popular hot spots, the top California beaches are legendary, attracting tourists from all over the world. Starting in San Diego and heading up the Central Coast, here are the most magical, must-see California coastal locations -- captured in words and photos. 

Beautiful Malibu Beach, just north of L.A., is known the world over not only for its sun and sand, but also for the celebrities it attracts.

No matter what you're looking for -- from San Diego to Big Sur -- find out about the best  California Beaches here:

- Family-Friendly Beaches

- Dog-Friendly Beaches

- Hidden Gems

- Popular Hot Spots

Above: Sunset Cliffs is one of San Diego's most picturesque beaches.

The Top California Beaches Experience

There’s nothing quite like the California beach experience. In the middle of a hot summer day, you’ll be surrounded by surfboards, swimmers and plenty of sunshine. But if you want to avoid the crowds, even in the high season, there are many secluded beaches that fit the bill. We'll break it all down for you here on “Top California Beaches.”

We've been up and down the California coast hundreds of times, and we've seen the best (and worst) that California has to offer. Whether you're looking for a day in the sun and sand with your family, or a quiet cove to explore with a friend, this website is designed to feature a selection of beautiful beaches that are sure to make your outing a success. Growing up on the beautiful sands of the “golden state," we’ve spent years discovering the Top California Beaches. Now, we've created this website to share our findings with you so that you can plan your most memorable ocean getaway. 

Please check back regularly as we add new beaches and new must-see coastal attractions. We’re just getting started here at “Top California Beaches.” Stay tuned for much more to come! This website will also soon offer advice on nearby dining, lodging and attractions -- and how to get the most for your travel dollars.